Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CConfConfiguration class which can reimplemented and virtual methods overloaded
 CConfV2Verison 2 of configuration class to add additonial parameters
 CContainerOffers functionality for handling data files and signatures in a container
 CDataFileData file wrapper providing methods for handling signed files or files to be signed in Container
 CExceptionBase exception class of the digidoc implementation
 CPKCS11SignerImplements Signer interface for ID-Cards, which support PKCS#11 protocol
 CPKCS12SignerImplements Signer interface for PKCS#12 files
 CSignatureSignature interface. Provides interface for handling a signature and the corresponding OCSP response properties
 CSignerSigner interface. Provides interface for signing documents
 CX509CertWrapper for OpenSSL X509 certificate structure
 CXmlConfXML Configuration class
 CXmlConfV2Version 2 of XML Configuration class