libdigidocpp  3.18.0
digidoc::ConfV2 Class Reference

Verison 2 of configuration class to add additonial parameters. More...

#include <Conf.h>

Inheritance diagram for digidoc::ConfV2:
digidoc::Conf digidoc::ConfV3 digidoc::XmlConfV2 digidoc::ConfV4 digidoc::XmlConfV3 digidoc::ConfV5 digidoc::XmlConfV4 digidoc::XmlConfV5

Public Member Functions

 ConfV2 ()
 ~ConfV2 () override
virtual X509Cert verifyServiceCert () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from digidoc::Conf
 Conf ()
virtual ~Conf ()
virtual int logLevel () const
virtual std::string logFile () const
virtual DIGIDOCPP_DEPRECATED std::string libdigidocConf () const
virtual DIGIDOCPP_DEPRECATED std::string certsPath () const
virtual std::string xsdPath () const
virtual std::string PKCS11Driver () const
virtual std::string proxyHost () const
virtual std::string proxyPort () const
virtual std::string proxyUser () const
virtual std::string proxyPass () const
virtual bool proxyForceSSL () const
virtual bool proxyTunnelSSL () const
virtual std::string digestUri () const
virtual std::string signatureDigestUri () const
virtual std::string ocsp (const std::string &issuer) const
virtual std::string TSUrl () const
virtual std::string verifyServiceUri () const
virtual DIGIDOCPP_DEPRECATED std::string PKCS12Cert () const
virtual DIGIDOCPP_DEPRECATED std::string PKCS12Pass () const
virtual DIGIDOCPP_DEPRECATED bool PKCS12Disable () const
virtual bool TSLAllowExpired () const
virtual bool TSLAutoUpdate () const
virtual std::string TSLCache () const
virtual std::vector< X509CertTSLCerts () const
virtual bool TSLOnlineDigest () const
virtual int TSLTimeOut () const
virtual std::string TSLUrl () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ConfV2instance ()
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from digidoc::Conf
static void init (Conf *conf)
static Confinstance ()

Detailed Description

Verison 2 of configuration class to add additonial parameters.

Conf contains virtual members and is not leaf class we need create subclasses to keep binary compatibility

See also
Use digidoc::ConfV5
See also
Configuration parameters

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ConfV2()

ConfV2::ConfV2 ( )

Version 2 config with new parameters

◆ ~ConfV2()

ConfV2::~ConfV2 ( )

Member Function Documentation

◆ instance()

ConfV2 * ConfV2::instance ( )

Return global config instance object

References digidoc::Conf::instance().

◆ verifyServiceCert()

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