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What is SiVa?

SiVa (Signature Validation) web service provides JSON and SOAP based API web interface to validate digital signatures. Please take a look in Validation Policy section for supported formats and applied constraints.

SiVa uses following Java libraries and command line utilities:

  • DigiDoc4J Java library to validate BDOC (supported signature types are TimeStamp and TimeMark) and DDOC containers.
  • X-Road ASiCE containers are validated using X-Road security server project provided command line utility
  • EU DSS (Digital Signature Service) library is used to validate all other types of digital signatures that are not covered above.

Validation libraries

DigiDoc4j EU DSS fork

DigiDoc4J EU DSS fork is used as the main validation library. The fork includes Estonian specific changes and may not be suitable for all signatures.

SiVa will use the following functionality of EU DSS library:

  • XAdES/CAdES/PAdES Validation Functionality
  • ASIC-E and ASIC-S container validation
  • TSL loading functionality


DigiDoc4J is used to validate both TimeMark and TimeStamp based BDOC and DDOC containers. For more information on DigiDoc4J visit Github

SiVa will use the following functionality of DigiDoc4J:

  • BDOC validation functionality
  • DDOC validation functionality

X-Road signature validation utility

X-Road signature validation utility is command line tool to validate X-Road Security server generated ASiCe files. For more information on this utility visit GitHub

Main features of SiVa validation service:

  • SOAP and REST/JSON API to validate signatures.
  • SOAP and REST/JSON API to retrieve data files from DDOC containers.
  • SOAP API is compadible with X-Road v6.
  • Signing of validation report.