What is it?

Digital Signature Gateway service (Riigi allkirjastamisteenus) is a service for creating and signing ASIC-E and BDOC containers in a HASHCODE form.

The service supports signature creation with Estonian ID-card/e-token (signing with ID-card/e-token must be still implemented in e-service) and with Estonian Mobile-ID.

The service also supports validation of ASIC-E, BDOC and DDOC containers in hashcode form.

If your e-service is currently using DigiDocService for container creation, take a look on DigiDocService comparision below to see what are the specific differences in business flow.

What are the benefits?

Digital Signature Gateway service offers unified API for container and signature creation. No need for extra integration with Mobile-ID or trust services. API is platform independent and can be used in any e-service capable of handling JSON/REST API.

Only one contract is needed to get access container and signature creation. No need for handling contracts and billing with different parties.

Digital Signature Gateway service is kept up to date with security patches and compliant with signature standards. E-service maintenance is limited to the updates for API integration.

Whom is it for?

The service can be used by all public sector authorities who are listed by the Rahandusministeerium. For specifics see here

What does it cost?

Current price list can be found here.

How can I join?

Demo environment can be used by everybody, however production environment can be used only by public sector authorities specified here.

Application for joining must be sent to help@ria.ee. Application forms can be found here

Whats the difference between Digital Signature Gateway service and DigiDocService?

Digital Signature Gateway service offers two different services for integration (JSON and SOAP). JSON based service is new signing service intended to replace DigiDocService. SOAP service is intended for legacy systems for easier transition. Both of the services have differences in functionality compared to DigiDocService.

Differences in functionality

Functionality DigiDocService Digital Signature Gateway service Comment
Container creation Yes Yes Creating new containers
Adding signatures Yes Yes Adding signatures to containers
Support for BDOC and ASICE containers Yes Yes Supports the hashcode form
Support for DDOC container Yes No Not possible to use
Container hashcode form Yes Yes Same hashcode format
Signing with external device Yes Yes ID card, e-seal, … (certificate must be in Estonian TSL)
Signing with Mobile-ID Yes Yes Digital Signature Gateway service supports only Estonian Mobile-ID
Authentication with Mobile-ID Yes No Digital Signature Gateway service is purely signing/container service, use TARA for authentication
Verification of certificate validity Yes No Not possible to validate
Signature validation Yes Yes Digital Signature Gateway service uses Valideerimisteenus (SIVA) for validation

Differences in protocol

General differences DigiDocService Digital Signature Gateway service SOAP Digital Signature Gateway service JSON Comment
Hashcode container format DigiDocService DigiDocService DigiDocService Same hahscode container format is used
Access to service IP based IP based HMAC based authorization JSON service each request must be signed by e-service

Additional questions?

Feel free to write help@ria.ee for any questions about Digital Signature Gateway service.